Sessions of Energy Spirituality

Ready to take your next step?

Whichever way you want to grow, Energy Spirituality has many different ways of helping.

To book a session contact me at or you can order now by clicking the PayPal button below.

Session of Energy Spirituality Energy Healing, or Energy Spirituality Energy Reading:

£80 for a 55 minute session of Energy Spirituality

What do I need to do in the session?

Simply bring what’s at the top of your mind to the session and we’ll go from there!

Just don’t be drunk or high on any kind of non-prescription drugs (as well as not taking them the week prior to the session please)!

Bring yourself, I’ll be delighted to be of service to you.

What types of sessions do you offer?

As an apprentice I’m trained in several of Rose Rosetree’s trademarked systems.

You can choose from:

an Energy Spirituality Energy HEALING session

or an Energy Spirituality Energy READING session.

As part of an Energy Spirituality Energy Reading session you can choose Soul Thrill Aura Research.

How long is a session?

All sessions will be 55 minutes long.

How much does a session cost?

Sessions cost £80 and currently I can accept PayPal or bank transfer.

Will I get a recording?

I can record the session for you if you wish, just let me know in advance.

As an Apprentice, sessions notes will be shared with Rose Rosetree, as part of her rigorous training of those in her Energy Spirituality Mentoring Program.

In-Person Sessions

Due to the ongoing pandemic I am not currently providing in-person sessions.

Once it is safe to do, I will be able to provide in-person sessions.

Can we have a session over the phone?

Over Skype yes! Just phone? No.

What if I think I am an Empath?

Check out What Is an Empath, the latest website from Rose Rosetree that has TONS of articles about what it means to be an Empath and how you can become SKILLED as an Empath.

Disclaimer: As I am not a mental health practitioner of any kind, I cannot treat or diagnose physical or mental illness. My sessions are for personal growth, information and entertainment (and joy!) only. If you feel you need help with a physical or mental illness please contact your GP. 

Availability for Talks, Festivals etc.?

Yes, I am available in and around London to give 1 hour talks about Aura Reading, and sessions of Energy Spirituality.

Contact me at