About Emily Turner

I first became interested in Rose Rosetree’s work in 2012.

Although I didn’t yet know it (because surprisingly I hadn’t actually heard of it) I was an unskilled Empath. All the philosophy I had been studying as a teenager didn’t help me figure out who I was, because who I was, was being perpetually confused with who other people were, and what they were feeling, and thinking and, also sometimes what astral beings were feeling and thinking too. Thankfully I don’t have Animal Empath or Plant Empath talent. That would have been even more confusing.

And life as an Unskilled Empath was hard.

I had spent a few years looking for something, anything, that worked. From my very first session with Rose, I knew I had finally found that something.

Initially, I had planned to become a Clinical Psychologist ( a very difficult field to get into so I was already being ambitious) and had been studying Psychology for my undergraduate course. I had also studied Counselling at my local college on and off for 4 years. That was my singular focus. I had spreadsheets tracking all the different requirements I needed in order to get onto the necessary Masters and then Doctorate level courses I hoped, hoped, hoped to attend. I volunteered at my local hospice on weekends. I wanted to make a difference and help people, and I thought that was going to be the way I could do it.

When I started having Energy Spirituality sessions, I knew I was on to something that worked. Really worked. I couldn’t deny that the systems Rose had developed were more effective than anything I’d tried before. And I had tried a lot. There had been psychics, so-called spiritual healers that didn’t do anything for many, many spiritual texts, psychological texts, psychological theories, different types of meditation, and I even tried the raw vegan diet for three months!

I still remember walking home on my way to the tube station after my first in-person session with Rose, when she was in London giving workshops in 2012. I felt more joy than I’d ever remembered feeling at that point in my life.

Like I said, I knew I was on to something. And it ended up changing my goals completely. I completed my Psychology degree but knew I couldn’t now go work in that field.

Energy Spirituality was where I could make the most difference.