What is Energy Spirituality?

Energy Spirituality was founded by Rose Rosetree. It’s a system of leading edge skills that help individuals with their emotional and spiritual growth. In contrast to many other types of energy healing found today, the emphasis is on you the human, improving your human life, not astral flash woo-woo experiences or being all calm and mellow. Instead Energy Spirituality removes STUFF that prevents you from being effective and provides PUT-IN in order to help you to better express your soul.

Rose’s work made such an impact on my own life that I decided to train as an Apprentice in her Mentoring Program.

Rose has trained many practitioners and apprentices in the core skillsets that comprise Energy Spirituality. As an Apprentice I have been trained in Energy Spirituality Energy Healing and Energy Spirituality Energy Reading in particular.

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How Energy Spirituality Can Help YOU

Who best to introduce you than Rose herself!

Energy Spirituality ENERGY HEALING

Energy Spirituality uses Spiritually Sparkling Skills, moving out major STUFF impacting your aura in a session. When you choose a session of Energy Spirituality ENERGY HEALING you’re choosing a powerful way to move forward in your life. There are many types of STUFF (stored up astral garbage) that could impact your aura and when you choose this type of session I will address the most significant type of STUFF impacting you at that time, moving you towards your goal for the session.

Some of the things you can use this type of session for include:

  • Problems in love relationships
  • Problems communicating at work
  • Problems being effective at work
  • Tricky relationships with colleagues
  • Fraught relationships with family
  • Problems expressing yourself, trusting yourself or even liking yourself

Energy Spirituality is for those who want to solve tricky problems but also those who want to self-actualise and be as effective as they possibly can be in life. You can do both!

Energy Spirituality ENERGY READING

AKA Aura Reading, using Aura Reading Through All Your Senses.

This is one aspect of why Energy Spirituality is so effective. With Energetic Literacy an Energy Spirituality Expert can read your aura. And this isn’t about ‘colours’ or ‘vibes’, this is Stage 3 Energetic Literacy where your chakra databanks can be read for quality and size. This means that in an Energy Spirituality Healing session, I am able to find out what’s going on with a client and identify what kinds of STUFF are impacting them, and which is the most important STUFF to heal.

Energy Spirituality ENERGY READING  is not just used for Energy Spirituality ENERGY HEALING. It’s also incredibly helpful in its own right.

You can ask me to use Aura Reading to:

Read the aura of a family member and understand who they are, and in some cases how different they are from you

Read the aura of your employees at work and find out more about them, things that would help you to manage them better

Read the aura of your manager at work, and be armed with knowledge about who they are that can help you improve your communication with them (and in some cases help you keep your job!)

Read the aura of that potential girlfriend and find out (before it gets complicated) what their integrity is like in different areas of their life

Read the aura of potential future managers and colleagues and avoid any duds

Read the aura of anyone you might hire, from builders, to dentists, doctors or hairdressers

Aura reading not only brings more truth into life, and helps you have more compassion, but it can help you avoid sticky situations, heartbreak and wasting money and time.

Soul Thrill Aura Research

One aspect of Energy Spirituality that is incredibly helpful for making decisions is Soul Thrill Aura Research. This is a way to use aura reading to investigate the impact of potential choices you can make.

This means that instead of just trying out a new diet, exercise, job or lover, you can preview how your aura responds to that choice. Instead of being a guinea pig in your own life (where let’s face it, the modern world affords SO much choice) you can find out from your own aura what impact that choice is likely to have for you.

Different areas of your life that you could research include:

  • Potential Dates
  • Places to live
  • Places to travel to
  • Jobs and Career choices (I also would include reading the aura of any potential manager or colleagues for any job choices)
  • Exercise classes, Sports clubs or expensive equipment you’re thinking about buying
  • New hobbies
  • Different avenues for study if you’re thinking of a career change

Every single choice you make impacts your aura. Why not make better choices that thrill your soul?