Rose Rosetree has written a lot of books that have personally helped me in nearly every area of my life.

From books about Empath Empowerment to those about Read(ing) People Deeper Rose’s books are chock FULL of insight, information, wisdom and techniques that can help you be more effective in life and move you forward powerfully emotionally and spirituality.

Since I have and love all of them I couldn’t help but include all of them in my recommendations (apart from those ones I have that are now out of print)!

I have each of the below, and also in Kindle where available! I have some of these available for you to buy if you come for an in-person session.

Seeking Enlightenment in the Age of Awakening

Rose’s latest book is essential for spiritual seekers now. With so much nonsense, vague language and outdated understandings out there today, your average person has probably heard many contradictory and confusing things about Spiritual Enlightenment. This book will spell it out for you and actually help you grow on your spiritual path, what does it mean to grow spiritually, and how can YOU grow towards Spiritual Enlightenment. And no, you don’t need to meditate or join an ashram.

This book is available to buy if you come for an in-person session. Also available on Amazon UK and Hive.

The New Strong

This is the book where Rose elucidates the difference between the old Age of Faith and the Age of Awakening (that we’re living in now) and what that means for you. Rules for how to adapt and thrive in this new age are backed up by Rose’s experience with clients and some of the latest Energy Spirituality Energy HEALING techniques that are necessary now with the Shift into the Age of Awakening.

This book is available to buy if you come for an in-person session. Also available on Amazon UK and Hive.

Aura Reading Through All Your Senses

Second only to Rose’s online Aura Reading Workshop, this is the best thing for learning to read auras. Brimming with different techniques to try.

I have one copy left to buy for those having in-person sessions but it is available to buy at Amazon and Hive.

Cut Cords of Attachment for Self-Healing

This is Rose’s latest book on cutting cords of attachment. A type of Energy Spirituality Energy HEALING. Cutting cords of attachment is no joke, this is a powerful healing for which Rose recommends cutting ALL your minor cords before cutting any major cords yourself. Another way to learn (after you’ve learned Aura Reading) is her online workshop Cut Cords of Attachment Wisely.

Available on Amazon.

Let Today be A Holiday: 365 ways to Co-Create with God (also available on Kindle as 365 Ways to a Stronger You)

This is a day-book Rose wrote for spiritual seekers looking to get closer to God while still having their own vibrantly human life and it is brimming with new ways to think about life, your relationship to God and techniques that you can use in your technique time.

Available at Amazon.

Bigger Than All The Night Sky

This is Rose’s first memoir (and I really hope it won’t be her last). A book I like to revisit, particularly the section where she discusses her planning meeting. Rose’s style of writing makes this so easy to devour in one sitting. Written to help the reader wake up from the inside.

Available at Amazon and at Hive.

Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy

This is where Rose takes down popular (and fanciful) notions that have left many New Agers in financial ruin. The idea that there is a secret, or otherwise unknown subjective way of making money that doesn’t involve actually being human and doing the things that require doing in objective reality.

Rose reads the auras of many a spiritual, and financial, seeker and describes the impact of prosperity beliefs and the like on the true-believers aura.

She then reads the auras of millionaires and billionaires and notes the (distinct) differences and then sets out for the reader how they can also start to have the powerful presence and focus on objective reality that these real-life money makers have.

Expect controversial and incredible insights that can help you be more effective at work, and at making money.

Available at Amazon.

The New Power of Face Reading

This is Rose’s latest book on Face Reading ( I currently own four of her books on Face Reading Secrets).

Cheek by jowl, Rose educates you on how to read a face. This isn’t about fortune telling or pat little party tricks. This is Face Reading Secrets where you can learn how to read people’s faces for their character, their gifts, their challenges and how they’ve grown over time (which can help with having compassion for anyone annoying you at work… or elsewhere).

This one is available to buy if you come for an in-person session or, of course, at Amazon and Hive.

Read People Deeper

This is a book with deeper perception made very practical indeed.

This goes chapter by chapter, tackling topics relevant for meeting new people, dealing with work colleagues or new flames. There’s a mixture of body language, face reading and aura reading in each chapter that can give you deeper perception about the people in your life.

Available on Kindle at Amazon.

The Roar of the Huntids: A Spiritual Thriller

This is Rose’s only novel so far (that I am aware of at least)! Originally set in the future, it is now a bit close for comfort. It follows an Empath dealing with a very Kali Yuga society. If you’ve ever felt that life holds too many crazy illusions for comfort you’ll find this very enjoyable.

Available to buy at Amazon and Hive.

Use your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection

This book sets out what would later be termed Spiritually Sparkling Skills. This book will take you from start to finish in what it means to be Spiritually Sparkling and how to heal psychic coercion, negative thought forms and other forms of STUFF that can be holding you back. Another way of learning is through Rose’s online Spiritually Sparkling Skills workshop.

This book is available to buy at Amazon.

Information about being an Empath

One of Energy Spirituality’s specialities is Empath Empowerment.

This is one of the specialities I can’t yet help you with in sessions but you can benefit from Rose’s decades of professional work by reading one of her four (yes four!) current books that are designed to help you become SKILLED as an Empath, or even take her online workshop for which you can start with this free five-lesson introduction to Empath Empowerment.

I started with one of her books that is now out of print, and it made a massive impact on my life as an Empath. That book has now been updated as Empath Empowerment in 30 Days which I re-read every now and again.

If you are having an in-person session I have copies that you can buy, but you can also buy this first book in Rose’s series for Empaths at Amazon or Hive.